Spring brings out the colors of nature. Enjoy fresh daisies, tulips, rhododendron, azaleas and more!

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Caring for your Spring flowers:


The Peace Lily is one Nasa's top 10 aircleaning plants. It excells in removing alcohols, acetone, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene in the air, from your home or office. Call us to learn more.


Variegated plants (featuring leaves with white edges or white flecks) often need more light than their green cousins. Keep them nearer to a window so that they can get all the light that they need.


Plants acclimatise slowly to different surroundings by changing their leaf orientation and structure. If you can, try not to move them around, as they may not adapt as easily as you think.


People in offices are more productive, take fewer sick days, make fewer mistakes. And they are happier when interior landscaping enhances their environment.

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